And the winner is...

Kyla Flanagan... Kyla posted this gorgeous image with the following note... 

"My small but treasured shell collection. We always had shells in our house and would hold mums big shells against our little ears to hear the ocean. I have great memories of combing the beach with my sister growing up in PNG... An adventure I now like to share with my little boys here in beautiful QLD" 

I loved this, Kyla reminded me of the true joy of collecting shells... I remember collecting shells and holding them to my ear when I was little... something I never do any more... but something I might just do next time I'm collecting! Shells are great keepsakes they bring memories of holidays with friends and family at the beach into our homes, such a joy with lots of precious memories!

I'd like to thank everyone who joined in, I really appreciated everyone taking the time to take a photo to share.
I really enjoyed popping in to see everyone's collection, I loved them all so much I had so much trouble choosing just one winner, I wish I could pick everyone, because everyone's collection is precious in their own way, so many beautiful shells and stories to match! 

Thank you all so much, I'm so happy to have meet some new friends along the way! 
Thanks again! :) Love Louise xx


  1. Oh wow!!! I am thrilled!!! Thank you for running such a lovely challenge. It really brought back some wonderful memories for me and I am really, really grateful and feel very honoured to have my pic selected among the beautiful images of everyone's seashell collections. Thank you again. I am really thrilled. xoxo

    1. Thank you Kyla, your very welcome! Thank you for inspiring us all with your gorgeous image! :) xxx