Sydney Gift Fairs

As I mentioned yesterday, I am doing a very belated Life In Style/Gift Fair post. I collected many new contacts, meet some amazing new suppliers and made some great new friends. Life In Style was full of amazing new products and beautifully designed stand displays. My time was rushed as I was only in Sydney for two days to do all three fairs, I didn't get to take many stand images, as as you know photography is prohibited throughout all the trade fairs, so I have decided to do far better, over the coming weeks I will be featuring some amazing new labels that as I said I met at Life In Style or have recently met on Instagram, this week I'm excited to be sharing a Spider & Lily shoot I did recently with a gorgeous gift Kelly gave me at the fair. 
I will also be sharing with you an amazing new label called Lost Lover, this is just the beginning of a new direction for my blog. I'm passionate about helping new business's get there name out there, the products are amazing and if you don't find something new to purchase, I'm sure you'll be inspired in some way by their story and love for their labels. 
During all fairs I was loaded up with samples and catalogues and cards. I decided to take a couple of photo's to share. The gorgeous towel in this shot is from the goregous label Hamam-ist, I can't tell you how amazingly soft this towel is, it's top quality and sooooo soft. The super cute shell napkins are from Urban Nest Designs whom I met at the Reed Gift Fair. I'm looking forward to styling a gorgeous table lay with these in the near future! :) Happy Sunday! :) xx

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